Happy Holidays

2007-12-14-17-53-30_0199.jpg2007-12-02-20-33-15_0174.jpgAptos Xmas Holiday w/CleggsXmas Friends   Jim & Brian enjoying music.Shender Family, Haley Clegg & Beards

We hope you had a wonderful holiday blessed witXmas at the Clegg home Aptosh good health  and love.

Here are a few photos from our holiday season.

 Aptos Xmas                       Puppy Love

2007-12-26-14-12-24_0048.jpg  2007-12-12-17-48-03_0189.jpg dsc_0492.jpg

Cotton loves Xmas!


A birthday surprise from Brian’s Friends.


Lions Club Holiday Dinner  

 2007-12-02-20-33-31_0175.jpg    2007-12-02-21-17-51_0177.jpg


With love to All from The Beard Family.


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