Happy New Year to You and Yours


Life is Beautiful…

dom-and-danielle.jpg2008-01-02-21-22-14_0003.jpg2008-01-05-09-23-07_0006.jpgThe Holidays for the Beard family were filled with happiness; we shared time with my brothers, my niece, Jim’s family and great friends.  We are thankful for a happy and healthy New Year. 

  New Years Eve was spent with neighbors, friends from Read Avenue and family members.  We had a great time. 

As a post holiday Bonus we took a ski trip with the Black family, met up with dear friends the Cleggs and we skied the best snow in a GAZZILLION YEARS!  Haley Clegg and Brian have been friends since the day Brian was born;  Haley at 3 months came to the hospital to see Brian at age 1 day!

 The Black family and The Beard family shared a beautiful home in Kings Beach;  we had fun with three 17 year olds and one 18 year old.  We have known Danielle and Jeannine since pre-school and it is amazing to see Brian and the girls at age 17 Yikes! 

  Cheers and Good Health!


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