Lions – we need volunteers

DG Steve Picchi, 2013-14

Yosemite Rim Fire
Lions in Action & Help Request

Individuals, Clubs, District, State

International Director Larry Dicus


The Yosemite ‘Rim Fire’ continues to rage out of control. As of today, it is only 1% contained.  Since Monday area Lions led by Sonora Lions have been feeding evacuees and firefighters.  Lions Clubs International Foundation has sent disaster grant funds of $10,000 to help the Lions effort.  To date, volunteers from the following clubs have answered the call – working 3 shifts a day to assist Sonora Lions:


Chowchilla Lioness

Copperopolis Tullock Lake

Lodi MexAm


Modesto 500

San Andreas 49er


Yosemite Rim Fire


If you volunteered and your club is not listed, please forgive me!     


Good news:  The Lion volunteer schedule is staffed through Thursday of next week.


How can you help?


Lion volunteers are being staffed 3 shifts a day:  7 AM to Noon; Noon to 4 PM; 4 PM to 9 PM.   Priority is breakfast and dinner.  The primary need is cooks and servers.  

If you and fellow Lions or friends can volunteer starting next Friday, please call PDG Tom Panhallegon and/or Lion Bob Bader at (209) 694-5191.  Either one can provide you more information on how you can help.


The kitchen and shelter is located at the Sonora Fairgrounds which is accessible by Hwy 108 up from the valley, take the first Sonora exit.  


Again, if you can help the Sonora Lions and other area Lions starting next Friday please call. 


PLEASE DO NOT JUST SHOW UP!  CALL PDG Tom or Lion Bob (209) 694-5191 


Please be aware, the situation is very fluid, and needs may change. However, it would be very helpful to them to have next weekend scheduled ASAP!  They will need relief!


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Yours in Service,

  Larry Dicus

                                                        International Director



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